Kaoutar’s profile

Housekeeper – Résidence La Réserve ****

Born in Morocco, Kaoutar grew up on a farm in a small village a few hours from the city of Fez.

At the age of 14, she left her native countryside to study in Fez, where she obtained her beautician diploma.


After graduating and just married, Kaoutar decided to come to France to build her life. She was 19 years old.


Her first experiences in the field of aesthetics were not conclusive and Kaoutar quickly realized that this sector of activity was not for her.

She then consulted a temporary employment agency which led her to the Residence La Réserve **** located in Ferney-Voltaire.


There, she worked regularly as a maid or waitress, until the establishment offered her a full-time position, which she quickly accepted.


Kaoutar discovered several departments: room service in 2011, technical service in 2016, and then, in 2017, she was offered the position of housekeeper.


However, the many skills and versatility she has acquired throughout her career prompted the management to offer her a more senior position: Kaoutar is currently a housekeeper, but also in charge of the technical and breakfast departments.


Kaoutar likes her job and in particular the management and the team work. She is very rigorous and pays a lot of attention to details, essential qualities for a housekeeper.


Mother of two children, this nature lover (she is also in charge of the floral decoration of the establishment), takes advantage of her free time to take care of her family and practice boxing. In Morocco, Kaoutar participated for years in taekwondo competitions.


When Frédéric Parent, the Manager of La Résidence La Réserve **** talks about Kaoutar, he has nothing but praise for her!