“Who sleeps dines” offer

Let yourself be tempted by a range of ready-made meals in individual jars,

made in France by the company “Vrai et Bon”

Simplify your stay by taking advantage of our “Who sleeps dines”* package including:

  • Accommodation in La Réserve Ferney-Voltaire****
  • Dinner: Starter/Dish*/drink OR Dish*/Dessert/drink (ready-made meals “Vrai & Bon”):
    1. Example of starter to choose from: salmon terrine or duck terrine with green pepper
    2. Example of salad to choose from: niçoise salad or gourmet quinoa and vegetables salad
    3. Example of soup : Venitian soup (carrots, curry and Mascarpone cheese)
    4. Example of choice of dish: ricotta cheese and spinach stuffed pasta with tomato sauce, poultry blanquette and creamy risotto or vegetable tagine.
    5. Example of dessert to choose from: chocolate pudding or vanilla cream
    6. Drink of your choice: glass of rosé wine “Blanc Gris”, white “Art de Vivre” or red “Côtes du Rhône” or beer (25cl) or soft
  • Hot and cold buffet breakfast

*to choose from our selection of cooked dishes or salads or soups, salmon dish and foie gras excepted.

Offer available Mondays to Sundays

You can find the complete list of available dishes directly with the front desk